The OASIS - The L-G-B-T-i Ministry of the Episcopal Diocese of Newark

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Diocesan Task Force Reports on First Year of Civil Unions in NJ

Suggested Rites for Civil Unions

Suggested Civil Union Service - English
Un Rito Para La Bendición  Y Celebración de Una Santa Unión
Welcoming Congregation Tips
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Can you help support the work of the OASIS? Great strides have been made recently in the area of equality and understanding of LGBTi people, but there is much left to do, even within our own church.

Please consider a sponsorship at any of the levels below:

Senior / Youth / Person Living with HIV or AIDS - $25

Individual - $35

Household - $60

Cherub - $100

Saint - $200

Angel - $500

Archangel - $1,000


You may also make a contribution by check if you prefer, our address is available at the top of this page.